My name in Chinese is 吴翌煊 and pronounces WOO YEE-SHOO-en (Chinese pinyin: Wú Yì Xuān). "" is my family name, which originates from the ancient Kingdom Wu. "" means the next, and "" describes the sun's warmth and its bright shining rays of light. Taken together, my name means the warmth of sunshine tomorrow in the Kingdom Wu. I am really grateful to my parents for my name, and I strive to be radiant, even when it is only a glimmer.

I am an extroverted introvert, a long-distance sprinter, an ambidextrous person, and have a short-sighted right eye and a far-sighted left eye. Despite being a walking contradiction, I am sometimes amazed by how I experience so many binary things simultaneously throughout my life. I was artistic when I was young but ended up in a scientific field. Having half of my family from South China and the other half from the North, I am always confused during their debates on cultural differences and habits, such as whether to call a time measuring device a watch (表) or a clock (钟). And don't be surprised when a reggae song pops out after a piece of classical music from my playlist. I believe things are defined by perspectives and real insights can arise only if there are no presumptions or judgement. But interestingly when one learns and observes for long enough, something slightly different called intuition comes to mind first. Thanks to the continuity and the nonlinearity, this world always provides more options than it seems. On the other hand, discretization and combinations make life easier. It is such a fun contraction in life to explore and learn.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton, chess, and Starcraft II. I have been on Johns Hopkins Badminton Club Competitive Team since day one and helped Hopkins take silvers and bronzes home in the Eastern Collegiate Team Badminton Championships. I am dedicating this line to all the teammates I have played with and the greatest time we had during tournaments.

Life is fun, isn't it?

By the way, there is a secret page called "fun" on this site, see if you can find it!